Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Randy Reid

I’ve dedicated myself to finding and sharing the ways and means to balance success and personal goals; learning to “play to your strengths” and follow your heart. And the journey has been truly amazing.

What is your school for?

When I was young my school was more or less a way for me to punch people and not get into trouble, as well as a way to travel and pay for my competition...

The First Word Randy Reid

Old dogs... I’ve been called an “Old Dog” on a couple of occasions (and I’ve been called worse).... At my age (60) being referred to as an old dog is a double edge sword. The term ‘Old Dog” can...

Are You Ready to Rock “Back to School” Programs

After School and Summer Camp market has been gaining momentum, and two of the leaders in this market are Duane Spires and Erica L. Martin, I sat down to discuss this aspect of the...