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Randy : Dojo Nation readers, Randy Reid here, and I’m with one of the best dudes I know, Mr. Chris Perilli . How you doing, sir?

Chris: Good, how are you sir?

Randy : I’m excited. I’m really excited to have you as part of Dojo Nation this month and to put you on the cover. You’ve been a guy that I’ve known for a while, and you’re one of the real givers in our industry, and you’re one of the honest good guys. You’ve also been able to help a lot of martial artists, so I’m pretty excited to have you on the interview here.

Chris: I appreciate you asking me to be on here. I definitely feel that I can share some value with you guys.

Randy : Cool. For the readers, let’s start just by, could you tell us a little bit about your martial arts background?

Chris: Okay. This dates back, way back. My grandfather was a World War II vet. He was a champion boxer in the Army. My uncle was a boxer. He taught me a bunch of stuff, coming along. My uncle wasn’t necessarily a professional boxer, but he just knew a lot of stuff from my grandfather teaching him. When I was a young kid, my grandfather used to teach me how to throw punches, and block, and whatnot. I got bullied. I remember this story. I got bullied on the block by a big kid down the block. His name was [Niko 00:01:24]. He was a big Greek kid; I was probably about nine and he was like, 13 years old. He used to bully everybody on the block. I remember vividly that my grandfather cut down a tree in the backyard, and he had the blocks laying there, and the kid came and he pushed me. I fell backwards over the tree, probably started whimpering or whatever, and I went back in the house.

I was always the type of person that had a long fuse. It took a lot to get me mad, but when I finally got mad, I was like an atom bomb. I still am that way. It takes a lot for me to get mad. My grandfather saw this in the window, and when I came back in the house he said, “I want you to go back outside and punch that kid in his face, and if you don’t you’re going to have a problem with me.” Now, my grandfather was a strapping guy. I didn’t want to deal with any of that, so I went back outside. Low and behold, here comes [Niko 00:02:12] down the block, and he went to go put his hand out to push me again over the things, and I wailed him in his face. He ran back in the house, his mother came out of the house.

My mother, who was always very hot tempered, came flying out of the house, and she’s like, “Your son is an animal. He punched my son.” My mother turned around and said, “Lady,” and she was like, “If you don’t get back in the house I’m going to kick your butt.” That was how things started out. I trained boxing until about my early twenties. My early thirties, I started taking Muay Thai for a couple years, and then my buddy who actually was the partner originally of  Pixel Mobb, he was already a purple belt in jujitsu, and he’s like, “Dude, you have to come and check out jujitsu.”

I’m 5’10”, I have naturally long limbs, like 73 inch reach. I’m pretty much the same size Conor McGregor, maybe a little bit bigger in weight, but I’ve always had a striking background, I’ve always been a good precision striker. He was like, “Come and check out jujitsu.” I was like, “You mean you got to roll around with Superman pajamas on with a bunch of guys on the floor?” He said, “That’s exactly what you have to do.” I came, I checked it out, I got my butt kicked terribly. I consistently got my butt kicked for quite some time. Pretty much everything that I picked up in life, I’m pretty adept at it, I get a little OCD on it, I study it and I become good at it, but jujitsu, I could not grasp it. I was so out of my element. Normally, I wanted to create distance and push away, and jujitsu is all about closeness and being on top of each other. I’ve been training jujitsu now seven years. I’m currently ranked purple belt on the Christopher Brough at Elite martial arts.

Randy : He’s a heck of an instructor.

Chris: He’s a great instructor.

Randy : I know he’s got a very successful school out there. He’s got a great team too. He’s done some really neat stuff.

Chris: Very successful school, one of the best kept secrets probably, in the martial arts. Most people don’t know how successful he really is, but he’s probably one of the top 1% of the school owners out there. Jujitsu has taught me so much about myself. One thing about jujitsu is it exposes you for who you are. It exposes your weaknesses. You can’t hide on the mat. It makes you come in contact with your ego. It separates you from your ego. It makes you realize, “Okay, I have a bunch of weaknesses. There’s fears that I have to get over.” It makes you confront those weaknesses.

Literally, it has changed my life for the better. The people that I’ve met in martial arts are some of the best people that I’ve ever come across in life. Jujitsu itself has just transformed who I am, from little tiny things that even my wife would say, stuff that I would normally I used to get upset about or maybe freak out and have a little road rage or whatever. These things, after a 200 pound gorilla is trying to take your head off, things get put into perspective after. It’s definitely helped me greatly.

Randy : Then you took your martial arts training and experience, and then you moved that into the video business that you run, Pixel Mobb. Is that how that worked?

Chris: No. Actually, to take a step back from that, as I’m working with Christopher Brough, he asked me to create. I was never really a videographer until about 11 years ago. Before that, I was a graphic designer, freelancing. Ten years before that I was working on Wall St. in finance, in a suit and tie, until 9/11. Then 9/11 happened and I was faced with the decision that I wanted to pursue my creativeness. I’ve been an artist since I’m four years old. I went back to school for graphic design, and I was a graphic designer. I was a damn good graphic designer. I was working with Chris and he’s like, “Hey, I need some cards made.” I made him some cards. He was like, “These are really awesome.” He’s like, “Why don’t you create a site to sell these templates?” He’s like, “There’s a couple of other places that are doing it. Why don’t you try it?” I was like, “Okay.”

I was doing freelance business anyway. It was something that was supplemental to what I was doing as it is, so I put the stuff out there. The very first day that I ran an ad, Alan Belcher bought the very first product on our site. When I looked I was like, “This is a UFC fighter.” After that, we were starting to get a lot of sales. I was like, “Wow, I’m onto something here. It’s a good passive income. I’m doing my other business.” In that time, as a graphic designer, I met my old partner. His name was Pete. Good guy. He was a videographer, so he brought me into this. Before this, I was doing music too for a while. I’m a musician and artist, photographer, a writer, a videographer, somebody who dabbles and masters a bunch of different talents, so video was the natural progression to this whole thing. It gave me the outlet to utilize all of talents in one place.

When we started Pixel Mobb, he was doing video, I was doing graphic design. I picked it up very quickly. It felt very natural to me, and I learned a lot of stuff. Unfortunately, our partnership went different ways. He was a good guy. We just didn’t have the same opinion on a few things, but that’s how everything started.

Randy : Now, you’ve made some really neat video stuff for summer camp and different businesses, plus the cards. You’re really involved with a lot of martial artists out there. You also do, I know you do a lot of go overseas to do video shoots for people, and you’ve got a lot of experience in shooting videos to help people promote their business. What do you see? It seems like martial arts schoolers really haven’t picked up on the importance of video yet, and the people outside of it have. Where do you think that disconnect is coming in, between the school owner and your average business person, or even gym owner for that matter?

Chris: One of the things that we do at Pixel Mobb, Pixel Mobb is my umbrella company. It’s the parent company. For the last decade we have been flown out to every corner of the planet to do shoots for fitness coaches, that they take these curriculums and sell them online as informational products. I’ve had a great experience to see firsthand, some of the launches that some of these people have done, have done multiple six figures, moving in on seven figures. Video works very, very well. Right now we’re at the forefront of the video revolution. Every year it’s growing by 150%. Every single year the investments are in the billions at this point, for online video and online video ads. Moving back on this, I believe that martial arts school owners sometimes don’t see how transformative they are on people’s lives. Again, I’ve worked with fitness industry and they transform lives too, but they don’t do it to the degree that martial arts schools do.

Why I say this is because my own experience is that I’ve trained strength training for a long time. People go to a fitness program, you lose some weight, you get in good shape, you feel good about yourself, but there’s no ranking system. There’s nothing to look forward to growth, and there’s no spiritual and mental component that really is increased by working out in a fitness program. Whereas, martial arts people, martial arts school owners are transforming not only a person’s body on the outside, but they’re doing it on the inside too. They’re transforming their mind, their spirit. In that, I sometimes wonder why it was so hard for them. I always feel like the martial arts industry is maybe two steps behind a lot of the other industries. I hate to say it this way. I think that while they change people’s lives, discipline, even though they teach discipline, is sometimes lacking in the actual owner.

Like we’ve discussed in the past, a lot of these owners come to training or opening their school because they’re good at martial arts. To be good at martial arts is one thing. To be a good successful business owner is something totally different. I think that a lot of martial arts school owners need to understand that either you’re going to have the money to pay somebody to do that, or you’re going to have to learn it yourself. Learning it yourself really empowers you to make good decisions. I think one of the reasons is that there are also a lot of, for lack of a better word, a lot of bullshit in the industry, where people will portray a persona, or tell you about stuff that they’ve done, but they haven’t done it necessarily in that industry. They’ve done it in a different industry, and they’re trying to get you to do the same thing in this industry. It doesn’t necessarily always work.

The business aspect and the business models, yes, they may be the same, but what people are going there for are a little bit different. I think that one of the reasons why they haven’t picked it up is that they just don’t really know what to do. There are people out there that are telling them, “Hey, listen. You need to create content.” “Okay, well what kind of content?” “Well, you need to tell stories.” “Well, okay great. Well, what type of stories?” Getting up on Facebook live is good once in a while, but getting up there every day to just talk about your stuff or to tell people about your programs, or to tell people about your events, is not necessarily connecting. You need to figure out a way to connect. That’s something that we’ve done at Pixel Mobb, and that’s something we do at Dojo videos and Dojo [inaudible 00:12:58], know how to understand what the market wants, and connect emotionally and logically with visuals and video that are going to make somebody act.

I think that if a martial arts school owner can just wrap his head around a couple of simple concepts, they will be able to create videos that will really propel them forward. That’s the thing. I’ve actually been talking about this to a lot of martial arts school owners recently, is that I find that sometimes martial arts school owners, like all other entrepreneurs, are technique collectors or moves collectors. If you just know a punch and a kick, and don’t know the concept of how to move your body in and out to get into proper distance to utilize those kicks and punches effectively, you don’t really know anything except a technique. Then when something switches on you, you don’t know how to adjust. If they’re able to learn concepts over techniques, the techniques will fall into place.

Randy : Right. It seems like right now out in the martial arts industry, we have a culture of people who came up like me. The big deal in my day was yellow page ads, then we finally we would do newspaper ads. We used to do radio and television. We’re still, I think, got some of that in the back of our brain. We haven’t really understood this new revolution of what’s going on. Like you say, the online marketing video revolution is crazy, and you add to that the fact that it used to move from the regular desk computer, to the laptop, and now it’s gone from the laptop to the phone. Mobile is more than 50% of what’s going on out there. Whatever you do, whatever concepts you do have to work on a phone, have to work on the desktop, and it takes a little bit of guidance. As you said, it’s going to take some discipline to sit down and learn some of this stuff. It’s not rocket science.

You can do it, but it’s just like learning a form. You’ve got to take your time, sit down, and work your way through it. You’ve pulled out a couple of products. I know I bought your first one, the video authority. Man, that thing, that’s helped me so much. I bought all the equipment, we’re shooting videos, I feel like a superstar. I haven’t seen your new one, but I know it’s going to be great, and it’s almost free, so I have to pick that up here surely. As a marketer, and I know, Chris, that you’re coming from a place in your heart of really trying to help people. I know you personally. I know how you conduct yourself, and you really do want to help people. Where do you see your company going in the future? This can allow you to help us. When I say us, the martial arts profession, even more.

Chris: One of the things that, we’re not trying to do, we are doing, moving forward, is to really put together curriculums and trainings. I’m a big advocate of if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime. I’m a big advocate of making people independent and self-reliant. I’ve always been independent and self-reliant. My mother will tell you that I’ve maybe been a little too independent and self-reliant over the years. I think that everybody has the ability to master a couple concepts and master certain things that will make their business exponentially grow. That’s what I feel that I’ve been put on this planet to do.

I’ve learned so many different tips and so many different talents, and strategies, and marketing tools, and have them at our disposal for us to use, that I feel that it’s my duty now to give back. I’ve learned all this stuff for the last decade. Now it’s time to grow past that and help make other people grow. Anybody who talks to me knows very well that I’ll sit on Facebook chat with you for an hour trying to figure something out, and I’m not even getting paid for it. It’s not about money with me. I know people say, “Oh well, we’re all in business to make money.” Yeah, of course I’m in business to make money. I want my company to be 100 million dollar company one day, but it’s more than that. I really believe in my heart, and these are values that I guess my grandfather has given me, and my father.

My father’s still in business. He’s 45 years old. He’s been in business 45 years. He would love to say that he’s 45 years old. He’s 74 this year. He works his business. He has his own business and he still works a side job. He has no quit in the future with it. He brings to the table this mentality of the mom and pop era of business, where you care about people on a personal level. Sure, you need offers, you need funnels, you need sales tactics, you need all of that. If you genuinely care, and I believe that guys like [Russel Bunsen 00:18:21], and even yourself Randy, if you give before you look to take, you’ll get. You’ll never have to worry about getting. There’s a lot of takers out there, and there’s a lot of guys that are out there. They’ll get up on stage and they’ll brag about themselves for two hours. No one on the planet is that good that you need to be talking about yourself for twenty minutes.

The one thing about martial arts, I feel like right now we’re at the precipice of change again. I think that originally it came from a mom and pop era. Then it got really commercial with certain franchises that came in for a while. Now I believe that it’s coming back full circle, where yeah it’s commercial, it’s mainstream now. It should be because it really transforms peoples’ lives, but at the forefront of that is every single person, every single owner, school, has a unique story and experience, that even if you use the same exact blueprint, say for instance that I was to show you to create videos. Your story would be completely different than my story, and then the guys down the block, because everybody has a unique perspective. The idea that we should get rid of the unique perspective was one that was pushed for many years in this industry for some reason. I think that that is the biggest unique selling point. Your USP is who you inherently are, and your values, and your morals.

What video does is puts all of that in peoples’ faces, so that they can make a decision. Those people resonate with me. I like them. Those people I’m not really cool with, I don’t want to go there. You’re going to attract and repel different types of people, and that’s what marketing’s supposed to do. When you’re in the middle and trying to be like everybody else, and using the same pitches that everybody else is using, and you’re running to the bottom by just promoting what you offer, what makes you any different? You become a commodity. If you become a commodity, there’s always going to be somebody else. There’s always going to be a Walmart out there that’s going to undersell you and put [inaudible 00:20:37] out of business.

Randy : Great. The race to the bottom never works.

Chris: Never.

Randy : Yep. I tell you, I sure appreciate your time today. Those are some tremendous insights for our readers. I hope they listen to this. I hope they understand the deeper meaning of it and the benefits of some of your lessons here. Let’s get this thing typed up, and we’ll get it, put you on the cover of the magazine, and get everybody a chance to listen to it. Mister Chris, I really want to thank you for your time today.

Chris: Thank you very much for having me here.

Chris Perilli is martial arts and businessman. His company provides marketing support and video production courses for martial arts school owners:

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    • Florida certainly has a heat all it’s own. We were there last year in early July – phew! But I loved it. Every year, we have several campaigns about sunscreen which seems to fall on deaf ears. Australia has one of the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. “Slip, slop, slap” is the catch phrase for creaming up.

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    • oh believe me Austrailia althou a beautiful Country is know for having a lot of bullshit lawsBelieve we can all say fucked up shit about middle OZ as you can say about middle USbut truth be known coastal cities will always be more cosmoplitin then in the middle of the countryMe ,personally I will leave prejudices and propaganda ideas with youI am of no Counrty.I am a humanist.I am for all peaceful loving people of the world no matter where they are from

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    • Love them both. I think Nitro is better and more intense. My wife actually raised a hand on AC, She barley even opened her eyes on Nitro and would not ride it twice. She rode AC repeatedly. She has blood pressure issues…so that nitro affected her pressure that much more than AC should tell you something…

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    • Det er fun, at oldnordiske ord som jaz (hvadenten det er bydeform af at jazze – i guder jeg fatter det ikke – eller en stavemÃ¥de for jazz i 1910′erne) og tb er tilladte, og at uddannelsesretninger som hh, hg og htx ogsÃ¥ er, og at et arkitektredskab som cad ogsÃ¥ kan bruges, mens man ikke kan skrive noget sÃ¥ nutidigt som cc eller bcc, som jo bruges i e-mailsystemet. Hva er det en flok lusede amatører, skidesprællere og elendige klamphuggere, der har bestemt det? Jammer-kommoder…

    • “But now being outside it, he’s talking to you as he would talk about any Western woman. Yes, this is not a politically correct thing to say, but it is my observation about most people subscribing to MIM’s faith in particular ”Wow, feeling extra bigoted today, are we ?

    • nu stiu daca doar asistenta sociala s-ar pierde (cu toate ca nu cred pt ca exista facultate de asistenta sociala la teologie), treaba este ca s-ar pierde, asa cum am zis, toti sptscaliieii, de la asistenti sociali la psihologi, educatori si alte categorii de profesionisti formati in 20 de ani.Pentru o asemenea lege orice argument este bun si cu cat identificam mai multe argumente, cu atat mai bine.

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    • Hey Daniel, great article. Especially this part:“What action can I take today that will make my life better in the future?”All it takes is one little action, one small step, each day to change your life. If we change consistently then we will change thoroughly and so much that we won’t even recognize ourselves after a while!It doesn’t have to be big changes, just constant changes.

    • L’homme au cheveux rare dit :Bon match les gars , encore beaucoup de choses mais des ponts positifs. L envie de ne pas perdre ce premier match de la saison. Et réussir à revenir malgré un début de match attentif. Les prochain match seront moins dure car nous auront un banc pour faire tourner l effectif pour les gars moins bien physiquement . Vivement le prochain match …

    • sem duvida!Lula peida e eles publicam…nunca houve algo parecido nesse pais…foi a imprensa quem criou esse monstro, repercutindo toda e qualquer fala desse boçal…e pior, não dando o troco, como bem observasses…Lula defendeu ate essa carga tributaria absurda desse pais e não aconteceu nada!!!!

    • ag – at ebst even on this team he's 2nd liner. on bad team he's 2nd liner on good team he's slotted as 3rd liner. since we're a bad team he's 2nd drury – we can hope he reverts to 20-25 goals of 1st 2 yrs here. i'd love to see it and slow down all the drury bashing i see on the internet.

    • On behalf of the non comatose gun owners of the peoples republik of Illinois, I apologize for the stupidity my fellow Illinoians elect into office. I had no part in Gov Blowjoblips or Dick Daily getting into office.Since the ISP academy taught my better half to shoot, does that mean she is in the half that DOESN’T shoot their friend or neighbor????

    • Ã… gurimalla sÃ¥ skjønn…sukk:)SÃ¥ klart du er sliten, du har jo gjort en kjempe jobb…hver dag i 9 mnd, sÃ¥ har du vært gjennom en fødsel…det er ikke bare bare!!!Men hvertfall veldig bra at du tør kjenne og si at du er sliten, for det er jo helt normalt:)Kos deg masse og slapp av nÃ¥r du kan:)Klemmer Ea

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    • Hi Judith,Found your article on the gunpowder green tea very interesting. As my cholesteral is quite high 7.8 I would like to try it. I am not taking anything at the moment for my cholesteral as the Dr wants to retest me in 6m onths. can you email me as to how I can purchase this tea.thank youDi

    • Ha, that was 35 years ago and I STILL Remember the Penn State/Alabama game.The last thing college football needs is more professionalism and control from the national level.We need to go back to the student athlete. Get rid of scholarships or limit the teams to normal sized men – Say, no one over 210 lbs.

    • Dear Rahul,Thank you for being a dedicated follower. I have got your queries and will definitely try to answer them. Just give me some time as I am busy traveling across India. Once I am back, I’ll definitely try to answer all your queries. And don’t worry about consulting charges, CLC is not my cup of tea and I don’t dabble with stuff that I am not good with. Regards,Vishal Kansagra

    • Excellent pictures; but I do note that you have not mentioned the suicide bombers in Israel, appearing for the first time in a long while now that the wall is down. Interpretation is naturally your own business in your own blog, but is it really intellectually honest not to include this in a discourse that refers to Israel as a brutal occupier?

    • I ordered mine yesterday and today I was doing some research and came across a website with hundreds of people that had nothing good to say about Healthe Trim. Stomach pains, nausea, low energy, not losing weight… I’m scared to even take it! I don’t want to be in pain, I just wanna lose some weight! I’ve had enough pain!! Any thoughts?

    • De kriminella gängen har tagit över Sverige helt. Sverige, det landet jag en gÃ¥ng älskade, är borta.Nu styr alla raketforskare och hjärnkirurger. Väktare är rädda för dem, polisen är rädda för dem och politikerna fÃ¥r mer makt av dem – därför kommer de aldrig att försvinna.

    • > MiniPhasme, 3h51,… et pour débarrasser Leveto de quelques soucis : Shakespeare s’exprimait si mal que Jules Renard avouait ne pas toujours le comprendre.Il a aussi avoué qu’il n’aimait pas toujours Shakespeare.Son troisième aveu ? – Shakespeare m’embête toujours.…Quant à ce qu’il pensait de Nietzsche… ce délicat maire rural : – Il a bien des lettres inutiles dans son nom.

    • “I did three tracks, not two. But the brilliant idiots Don Fury and or Walter Schreifels took it upon themselves to mix one if them out from the Revelation mix. Thanks, retards.”this is why i’m still looking for a copy of the original demo, so i can hear the OG mix vs. the revelation one. someone out there has to have this…

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    • I really hope Fatherless Fanny cheered you up a little! I've missed having you around but luckily I can now pester you by text. I like your choice of photos. I love Carry On Again Doctor. Get well very soon, I remember how bad a perforated tympanic membrane as it's called at work can be. Many hugs. I'll send you some more stuff to cheer you up!

    • Hey Charlie, in the sea of all this ridiculous nonsense from the bigoted ass that started and posted all these comments there is your little light shining through! Thank you for taking the time to make your comment. This bigoted racist should be run over by the truck load of documents the government has from vetting the President when he entered his political career and as it developed. But there is at least one ass wipe in each bunch and and this jerk just happens to be the crap on the wipe!

    • Que juego tan, tan corto en 5 días estaría pasado para viciados como yo >.< Sobretodo para una nueva fan de OP! Que cutre, cutre deben ser esas escenas sin sangre la re-joden, son muy buenas y te las matan las pasiones con maldita censura, lo único que me disgusto a mas no poder.A por cierto tu habitación se ve mas "viva" con ese color 😀

    • This is our fucked-up civilization now; you can probably go out and kill somebody and then YOU become the victim because of all the stress and turmoil you suffered while doing it and disposing of the body, etc. You will get a vast cash settlement from the taxpayers. Hey, SteveF: I see a new career for us!  OFD

    • Hej Sanne. Jeg er meget interesseret i denne kur! For jeg er en pige med appetit! Jeg har taget hele 10 kilo pÃ¥ siden februar (fra 54 kilo til 64-65 kilo), og er utrolig ked af det. Jeg har ingen selvtillid tilbage overhovedet. Jeg ønsker ikke at tabe mig alle 10 kilo igen, men mellem 5 og 8 kilo. Jeg vil bare gerne have en plan over, hvad jeg eventuel kan spise, morgen, middag og aften, samt mellemmÃ¥ltider? Venlige hilsner

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    • Nice read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch since I found it for him smile Thus let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch! “The guy with the biggest stomach will be the first to take off his shirt at a baseball game.” by Glenn Dickey.

    • Thank you, thank you and thank you. I read the entire thing thinking, “I’ve read this before. Haven’t I read this before? I’m confused – did I read this before?” Sha’woo. I was right. I’m not going crazy. Well, I’m already crazy – so, there’s that.This post is great a second time around!

    • I’ve been thinking lately on Mind-Uploading and curious on something that never seems to gain awareness. Say we managed to successfully perform this sort of operation and ‘port’ a person’s consciousness, crossing the human/machine divide, to a computer substrate, without the fear of creating a second entity and so on.So what would happen to the body? I’m guessing the original body is essentially just a zombie now…alive, but an empty shell. Naturally, the person must not care for it too much if they decided to upload their mind, but it still makes me wonder what one would do with the body now.

    • I’m 26, my husband and I have been ttc for 2 1/2 years, we’ve seen an re and all the tests have came back normal, hsg looked great, lots of follicles, ovulate regular, cycles 28 days exact, sperm normal, tried clomid twice, I am 5’2 and 100 lbs, will we eventually conceive since everything has been normal? Could I be stressing about it too much? Any help would be appreciated

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    • Le cas de cet homme, dont part le débat, porte quand même à interrogation: Il a été condamné pour violences et « l’enlèvement » de son enfant (il l’avait en garde pour une semaine, il l’a rendu au bout d’un mois). Donc s’il a perdu ses droits, il l’a aussi cherché. Je pense que la cause des pères divorcés mérite un meilleur héraut/héros.

    • Не советую отдавать ребенка в эту школу. Новый директор не произвел на меня должного впечатления. Ничего не понятно, все размыто.

    • I’m sure the MSM will report on this in May, when it’s getting hot and they can dispute it. The media never talks about global warming in the winter. I’m not shocked they would ignore this, think of all they have ignored since Obama came to power. I would list everything but I do not have 30 minutes to leave a comment.

    • Lástima que es tan cortito!!!!, me hubiese gustado ver un poco más que el efecto en sí… estaría bueno que cuentes una historia o que uses a un espectador. De todas maneras es bueno ver que cada vez más gente se anima a publicar videos de magia propios. Muy bien Luis. Ten en cuenta lo que te digo para que puedas ir enriqueciendo el efecto.

    • If he just whipped it out and handed it to the waiter, that is not the best way to handle it. If he'd been smart, he would have slipped it casually, fairly discretely into the bill holder with his credit card. That way, if she sees and scoffs, he knows precisely what the deal is about her. I think this woman may have been upset by how brazen he was with it more than him using it.

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    • anche se usi IE 6 ti dice la stessa cosa, quindi fanno un po di sana pubblicita’ a firefox.oggi giorno la parola terrorista ha sostituito moltissime parole. se non credi in cio che la tv dice sei terrorista, se sei contro gli americani sei terrorista, se sei contro berlusconi sei terrorista, sei sempre terrorista se non sei come voglion 51% ha votato prodi, circa il 20% sono considerati terroristi dall’altra sponda politica.cosi non possiamo andare avanti. dobbiamo ristabilire la comunicazione e dare un senso alle parole. STOP TV! SPEGNILA!

    • Juste un mot pour relever que l’augmentation des dépenses de sécurité sociale n’est pas EN MAJEURE PARTIE due au vieillissement de la population.La facilitation de l’accès au soins et la démocratisation de techniques médicales autrefois réputèes pointues sont le premier facteur d’augmentation des dépenses de sécurité sociale, bien avant le vieillissement de la population.

    • Please add me to your list so I can view your blog. I visited Costa Rica in 2001 and fell in love with it. I wanted to relocate but was too afraid. I can’t wait to read your story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Hang in there Deb. We've all been there at one time or another. Once you've figured out the psychology of the instructor, You'll ace it. Too bad it's not really just about the student's ability rather than so much of the teachers' biases. Politics is definitely part of the game so HEAD UP, SHOULDERS BACK, AND SMILE BIG !!!

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    • Michelle! Holy!! I guess I need to start buying stamp magazines again… obviously the quality has gone up if you’re in there this much!! OMGosh – I’ve only ever sent in 2 and to my great surprise they were published but you’ve got me all fired up to try again. I’m so impressed – honestly & truly. *bowing** !!

    • all of you kaffir will regret these all of whole your life. God is only one. doesn’t have a son or mother like you say. Isa or Jesus isn’t God, he is a prophet same as Muhammad SAW. Open your mind my brother, sister,. we all just have One God. Allah SWT ( no body like human as Jesus, but only Light ) Maha Suci Allah.

    • Amy – this sounds (and looks) wonderful, too. I have to say, though, you need to get an apple/corer/peeler/slicer! It’s such a handy thing to have, and the best part about it is that it actually works! I’d never heard of this contraption until a friend of mine in Colorado busted it out as if it were no big deal one time when we were making a pie together at her house. Amazing!

    • The election and politics is about deception (lies figure prominently). Romney is expert. Obama will lose this election in a landslide (think Reagan/Carter). It’s not just the economy, it’s everything Obama did to alienate independents that voted for him in 2008. It’s all the disaffected youth that will stay home this time. Does the Obama administration have any legitimate standing to question the integrity of Romney’s campaign considering what the transparent hope and change Dream Team actually delivered? Get used to saying President Romney now.

    • There is no way the idea of calling pastors from within the congregation will ever catch on in my opinion. There are too many church members who will say “We’ve always done it this way” and there are too many M-Div lotter winners (seminary graduates) who feel that their sheep skin entitles them to be fully supported by the church.Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

    • Oui, dans une grande ville genre Paris ou Lyon et pas dans n’importe quel quartier sinon je ne pense pas que ça marcherait. Comme tu dis en France la mentalité n’est pas la même qu’aux States. J’ai l’impression qu’ici les gens (enfin la plupart) s’en foutent et font leur petit train train.Mais c’est vrai que c’est une bonne idée ces bars à brushing !

    • Le 11/11/2012 à 18h01 Citation:Posté par Mr.OrangeIls sont français oui oui (de Versailles même) BIG UP LA JEUNE CREATION MUSICALE FRANCAISE, c’est juste que lui il est chanteur américain, donc accent tout ça.Oui il dit qu’il est chanteur américain alors qu’il est frenchie pur jus c’est ça? Il y a un moment j’avais maté pas mal de vidéos sur Youtube et sa façon de parler est tellement drôle! c’est vrai que là, il a parlé normalement…

    • "An order of magnitude too large"?No, I don't think so.While many domestic flights are much shorter, many international flights are much longer. The DOE claims that a round-trip flight from New York to London results in an exposure of 10 mrem (i.e. 5 mrem each way). As far as flights go these days, that's not a very long flight.In any case, you have missed the entire point of the article.

    • I made fruit cakes (Alton Brown’s recipe, you’d love it), hot chocolate mix, marshmallows (vanilla, peppermint, and coconut), apple cider caramels, red velvet whoopie pies, and your shortbread peppermint bark! I have to thank you for getting me turned on to making homemade marshmallows! I thought it always sounded so difficult, but it’s really not…and they taste sooooo much better than store bought!

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    • Hi I cant believe the show is over. 2weeks ago a friend gave me seasons 1 2 and 3 as a birthday present fair to say is one of my favorite presents so far. Anyway good luck on your new projects. Best wishes from your Monterrey, Mexico fans. Where the real civil war on drugs is taking places.

    • It would be useful to have the specific source of the data set used here (not just the website – the Wood For Trees site allows you to turn any of the datasets on the site into graphs). And yes, I know the climate alarmists just quote whatever data they choose without attribution but we on the sceptical side need to be better than that.

    • It's really easy for a company that's growing fast to become short and impersonal. I'm glad Youtube is making the decision to keep multiple communication channels open to it's members. You might want to also consider giving daily guided tours of the corporate offices for those of us who might want to visit in person someday.Brian Garvin

    • L’annonce, faite ce matin, ne répond pas à la question posée dans mon enfance : quand se produira la semaine des quatre jeudis ?Un excellent rappel des variations du quinquennat. La démonstration par l’exemple que notre politique éducative doit s’inscrire dans la durée. Les ministres renonceront-ils à la course – égoïste – à la « réforme » ? Oui pour la refondation de l’école républicaine, oui à une politique éducative s’inscrivant dans la durée.

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    • NR,That Family Guy clip was off the wall!Mara,Look at the links Chris has here. There is nobody speaking for us. The Dems have a winning hand and they are NOT using it. That party is pathetic and that’s why the Reps are taking back control in November.The Blue Dog Dems are as bad as the Reps! That’s where I’m getting that both partys are almost the same.

    • Yum I like cherries, and you brought back a memory of my shopping for the culinary school I worked, I had to hunt down Kirsch liquor for our German instructor, and I had no clue back then what it was, but now that I do I can imagine just how wonderful this must taste, because it looks great!

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    • Fernando “Nunão” De Martini disse:“Giordani disse:26 de dezembro de 2012 às 14:48 (Editar)A pergunta é: a HAL consegue absorver mais este envolvimento?”Giordani, acho que esse envolvimento a mais é um dos mais fáceis dela absorver, pois é uma continuidade do que a HAL já faz: montar Su-30 MKI a partir de kits russos com parte dos componentes (pelo jeito, cada vez mais) produzidos por indianos. O que está dando pano pra manga são envolvimentos mais recentes em relação aos Sukhoi:

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    • Ha! Wade through shit long enough and you might find a pearl:There is a time for invective filled rants, and responding to anti-Semites is such a time.Sooo true. I'll translate into goyspeak: when people criticize Ashkenazis, start screeching 'cuz you got nothin' else.

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    • Yes; I agree. We Indians r used to see pirated n copied versions on screen. Gone r the days when film makers used to have their original work, like Satyajit Ray; Bimal Roy, Mehboob Khan, V.Shantaram. ! We have noe experts copy cats !!! How shameful this is, they suggested for Oscar?? Idiots!

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    • We could potentially also do “Notes form a Preservationist,” since the preservationists in the case of the fanzine archive are, in fact, you. But yes– a goal of making the archive as visual as possible is a good one, since the original experience of reading a fanzine is visual as well as textual.

    • Teachers… quit bitching about your jobs. You don’t hear everyone else bitch about theirs. You know what you are getting into when you start your schooling process. There are others who get paid less, have less time off, work at night, never see their families and don’t get insurance. Quit listening to the teacher’s unions, they are the one who really don’t respect you. Oh….and my sister has been a teacher for over 20 years. She totally agrees with me. She is NOT part of the teacher’s union.

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    • There is a simulator for the iCub (two in fact). If you grab the iCub source code, there’s an ODE based simulator in , and a webots simulator in . I work with the ODE one and it is coming along nicely. You can control either of the simulators (or the actual robot) using or just a plain-text socket protocol.The ODE simulator is easy to compile on Linux. On windows it is a bit awkward, but we release a compiled version of it (see the windows binaries link on the YARP home page).There’s a call out for people who want to come work on the actual robot in July 🙂

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