Everyone is looking forward to another great event in Cozumel, Mexico.


The 3rd Annual  Presidents Club Summit is a unique event that brings in the top owners (Presidents Club members must gross a least one million dollars per year) for a weekend of networking, thought provoking debate and the camaraderie of the martial arts profession.

Speakers share a quick 2-30 minute presentation of the top systems or programs they are presently using or have recently discovered, then the afternoon is set aside for networking to discuss the subjects presented, think Ted talk for martial artists…M-Talk!

The event is also unique in that there is a very limited number of spots available, only 30, and anyone wanting to attend must be invited or recommended by a previous attendee.

The Summit is the best event I’ve ever attended- Jeff Denu, Karate America Appleton Wi, 400+ students

Check out www.TeamCozumel.com

If you are interested in applying to attend this event just send your request to; Randy Reid at rapidkick@gmail.com