I ain’t afraid to be lazy….


That was a great line from Robert Duval in a movie called ‘Lonesome Dove”.

But it makes you think a little; Here in the US it’s considered a huge insult to be called lazy, and a great compliment to if one is called “the hardest workin’ guy I know…”

I have friends that are classic workaholic’s, and I have some who don’t produce much due to lack of effort, therefore are considered lazy.

I know people who have 10’s of millions of dollars but no family, no friends, no hobbies.

And I have some that make a good buck and still seem to have time to enjoy life (or even have one..)

So I guess is goes back to balance and desire, and a deep personal understanding of what makes you happy.

I think Frank Sinatra said it best in his song “My Way”

All I know is this; Some people are afraid of dying alone and broke…I’m afraid I’ll die with money in the bank right before my next trip to the island…