Randy Reid on School Culture


Randy-Reid-Dojo-Nation-EditorHere’s a fact: You can rent  space in a shopping center for your new school, you can buy mirrors, floor mats, chairs, heavy bags, kicking shields, uniforms, an outdoor sign, build a website and publish a newsletter.

And guess what…so can everybody else. All they have to do is write the check. If they have enough money they may be able to buy better “stuff” than you have, but there’s one thing people can’t buy.

What is this special “product” that only you can have?  It’s your school culture.

Your culture can’t be bought, sold, rented or loaned out.  For better or worse, it’s your culture and you own it, man!

Every, and I mean every, successful school I know has a GREAT culture. The culture at each of these schools is different, but each in its own way is outstanding.

Randy Holman’s Karate West in Washington, Brannon Beliso’s in Calif., John Cassidy’s in DC and Dave Wheaton’s in Santa Barbara are just a few of the great school cultures in our profession.

They have low student attrition rates coupled with high referrals. Their systems are member focused and guess what else? They are all really nice people. They are there to help and nurture their students. They give back to their communities.

And they provide for their staff. They provide top-level training and pay their staff a wage that is competitive in the marketplace.

They are not interested in the next slick marketing plan, fast buck fitness program or calling members at home to offer cash discounts.

Their culture in based on their purpose: their purpose for their community, their staff and for their own families.

And guess else? Their culture isn’t for sale…but you can go visit them and I’m sure they’ll be happy to show it to you.