3 steps to building your community.


3 steps to building your community.

We’ve been talking about building a community vs building a business, so as promised, here’s my 3 steps for building your community:

#1. Care…unconditionally

Don’t focus on  the money, don’t focus your next fancy car, don’t focus on your bank account. All those things will come,But first you need to care, really care about the people that are trusting you. Once you care about improving your students lives, and once you put them first, the answers, the money and the success will follow.

#2.  Purpose & Values

Your purpose, or some people call it the why, is what gives you a USP, or Unique Selling Position, it’s the reason people trust and follow you. Your purpose is what will sustain you when things get tough, and trust me, if you’re in business there will be tough times. Once you own your purpose, you must develop the values that will guide this purpose.

#3. Communicate

You must develop the tools necessary to communicate. And not only you doing the communicating. You must learn and teach these tools to the people that are helping you to build and maintain your community.

Next Week: What happens when you get this system to work? Next week I’ll share a couple case studies with you. The first went from a $60k net and 60 hours weeks to a 12 x increase in profit and a 90% reduction of time in the school. The other runs a hugely profitable afterschool/summer camp in a small town, and was still able to take a month vacation in Mexico….

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Keep Kickin’

Randy Reid

Next articleDoes Communication=More Dollars?
I’ve dedicated myself to finding and sharing the ways and means to balance success and personal goals; learning to “play to your strengths” and follow your heart. And the journey has been truly amazing.


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