$82.69 an Hour vs. $1653.80 an Hour


Two of my Black Belts crossed the $1,000,000 mark in gross sales at their respective schools this year.

That’s big news. None of my guys had hit the million dollar mark before, and now we have two of them. It was a good year.

And they each had a very,very good net (costs are low in Wisconsin).

But, each did it in very different ways.

One likes to micro-manage the school and the other is more hands off.

One puts in about five hours a week (260 a year) and the other is on site about 40 hours per week, plus his wife works alongside him, so that takes it up to 80 hours a week (4160 a year).

They both like the way they run their schools, their lifestyle and the way they do things.

They both are happy.

So I did a little math and compared their hourly incomes.

Pretty interesting: One averaged about $82.69 per hour and the other $1653.80.

Not bad for either of them.

But…they’re both happy, they are both comfortable with their skill sets and have used those skill sets to make a hell of a lot of money (hey, we’re just karate guys, lol).

Interesting point: I don’t think they could run each other’s schools. Their skills sets are very different.

The point: Find your skill set, sharpen it to razor sharp and maximize your results. That’s how you get the maximum results and happiness.

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