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DOJO Nation Magazine:  The United  Voice of Martial Arts School  Owners

DOJO Nation is an independent, FREE, online magazine.

DOJO Nation has no  agenda other than to unite and support school owners working hard for  success, as they define it…period.

Each issue of DOJO Nation speaks directly to smart, progressive martial art school owners, dedicated to living a true martial arts lifestyle, that want to provide their students with the best programs possible; to stay current with the latest martial arts trends and news; to share experiences and success stories with other school owners (to learn what works and what doesn’t!); and to improve and build their martial arts business by  implementing new strategies, both traditional and online.

DOJO Nation is a Platform for SUCCESS


  • Distributed on a easy-to-use online media!
  • Every issue reaches thousands of subscribers!
  • Targets school owners with great spending power
  • Reaches those living the best martial arts lifestyle in the U.S.  and worldwide!
  • More bang for your buck: Your ad remains in the DOJO Nation online archives for at least one full year!
  • Featuring high technology format to include video and direct link to your website

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  • Distributed on a easy-to-use online media!
  • Content from world-renowned martial artists and school owners!
  • Entertainment happenings!
  • Latest technology for  school success!
  • Listings of must-attend national and local events!

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