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I’ve dedicated myself to finding and sharing the ways and means to balance success and personal goals; learning to “play to your strengths” and follow your heart. And the journey has been truly amazing.

FREE 78 Point School Audit Checklist

I talked with a bunch of my fellow owners and we discussed keeping track of all the systems, programs and various responsibilities required to run a successful school, so we put our heads together...

Nobody sends their kid to West Point to shoot a rifle

West Point is that The United States Military Academy located in West Point New York. What comes to mind when you hear a parent say  “My child is going...

Why I love teaching martial arts.

My grandfather worked for 60 years, he earned pensions for two different companies. So did my Dad. They got up early everyday and worked physical jobs for 8+ hours a day 51 weeks a year. Nobody...

Is it the kid or the kick?

If you want to start huge debate (or barroom brawl..) just ask a bunch of instructors what criteria should be used to call someone a quality Black Belt. 2 years or 5 years?  Forms or...

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