The Business of Birthday Parties

Martial art celebration

:s a school owner like you, I know that we are always trying so hard to get prospects to come into our school to experience the benefits of the Martial Arts. We do advertising, flyers, booths, demonstrations and other events that are both labor-intensive and expensive.

Once we do get into the schools to teach a class of 20-40 children, how many of those kids really make the effort to come to the school or show up at our mass introduction? Maybe five to 10 kids tops and of those, maybe two to four enroll in our program, and that’s average at best. Who wants to be average? We should always strive to get extraordinary results, therefore we can no longer afford to overlook the power of birthday parties.

One of the principles we apply to our 14 Red Dragon locations comes from Dr. Jigoro Kano, founder of Judo: Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort. We use this principle to take a smarter approach when marketing for new clients by using the power of birthday parties.

A birthday party is not the same thing as a school talk, the big difference is that you have parents pay $249 dollars, & up, to bring you an audience of 10, 20 or even 30+ children and their parents (these same parents would also not be at your school talk and therefore not hear or see the BENEFITS offered from your program). Statistics show that for you to get 20 children to show up for a “MASS/GROUP” intro, you would have to teach 400 children in a PE class, or do 15 individual classroom talks!

By developing a successful birthday party program and having just one party per weekend, it will be the equivalent of seeing 1,000 kids in PE or teaching 30 school talks. You will do a fraction of the work plus have a minimum net profit of $200 per party+!

We hope you are beginning to see that birthday parties done right are a fantastic low cost, high impact idea to increase your business. They key of course is “done right.”

How to throw the PERFECT Birthday Party in 90 minutes or less!

We have helped hundreds of school owners take their birthday party program to the next level. Now it’s YOUR TURN. Here is a broad stroke overview featuring the MAJOR things you need to do to have the BEST birthday parties EVER! If you are doing parties like this already, GREAT! If not, it’s time to change things up to get better results.

• The Rope (for the timing game)
• Birthday sword (sword just for cutting the cake)
• Lighter & Candles (you’ll be amazed at how many people forget to bring these)
• Pop/ fun Music (make sure it’s playing as people come in)

THE SIZZLE TIME: 5-10 minutes.
•While the kids are arriving, one of the assistants should be having fun with kids in the studio, sitting in a circle: play NINJA NINJA TURTLE (duck duck goose). It is a great game to get kids moving and make them feel comfortable.

THE PARTY: 15-20 minutes
This is where you play a fun “benefit-driven” game with the kids. Like “Laser Rope” which teaches the kids about timing and focus.

THE PIZZA BREAK: 5-10 minutes max.

• *Remember to use the birthday child as your assistant instructor, it is their special day! To close out the Martial Arts section, have the BIRTHDAY CHILD BREAK THEIR BOARD!

THE CAKE CUTTING: 5-10 minutes
•Invite the parents and any other guests into the dojo with the kids to sing “Happy birthday.”

  • Light the cake candles and have the guests line up in front of the table with the cake. Bring the birthday person up to the front and have the guests and parents sing “Happy Birthday.” Have the birthday child blow out the candles, then cut the cake with the sword. Serve up the cake.

It is that simple to have a great party.

The real secret is not actually in the party, although that is part of it. The secret is in what we say and do before and during the party that keeps the kids excited and helps the parents see the benefits of martial arts. If you enjoyed this article and would like a free PDF letter that you can use to send to your students to get them excited about birthday parties at your school, just click this link:

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