Does Communication=More Dollars?


Damn right it does.


You don’t need to communicate with your customers, your staff does.

You don’t need to spread word of mouth advertising, your customers do.

And neither of these two things happen unless you can communicate at a very high level with the people that ARE communicating with your customers, or the customers that are communicating with the community.


Sarah Burkel has been working on building her communication skills for the last 3 years, the result? Her after school program has 85 full price kids (in a small midwest town of 10,000 people) and she was able to take a month vacation in Mexico last winter. She now has 1000 full price weeks of summer camp sold (without advertising…) and her camp will run without her being onsite.

Jeff Quirk has 400+ students in a city of 37,000 people. His school did over one million dollars last year. He was onsite an average of two hours….a week. His profit has gone up 12x in the last three years.

Why are these two owners hitting these numbers and living this lifestyle? Because both were able to communicate with their staff and in turn get extraordinary production and results from that staff.

So the answer is a resounding YES, better communication does equal more money, plus a hell of a lot more, more free time, more energy and more happiness.

Next week I’m going to introduce the guy that helped Sarah and Jeff build their communicate skills, he’s kinda good at it…He took a vacuum cleaner company from 368 million a year to almost a billion dollars a year, and that folks is some serious communication.

Who’s this billion dollar man? I’ll tell ya next week….

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