Here’s why I don’t help people.


I get plenty of calls from people that need my help. I’ve spent countless hours mentoring and sharing a lifetime of experience.

But as I talk to owners I’m constantly reminded of a quote I saw from Tony Robbins: ‘Just because they SHOULD do it, don’t mean they WILL do it’.

After pondering that for a while ( I’m an excellent ponderer…) I’ve decided that going forward I’m not going to help people that NEED my help…I going to help people that WANT my help.

Big difference.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love helping people (After all, I’m giving up my time to present CozTalks on a warm Caribbean island this week…Lol)

But I must narrow my focus to those that WANT my help. Some of my students that run schools are not very successful, but the ones that listen and take action are are very, very (I’m talkin’ a million bucks a year) successful.

So in order to help those that WANT help, I’m ramping up little project I’ve been working on for a while, it’s called Dojo Nation University.

Now while those of you that know my academic background may be laughing your ass off at the thought of the word ‘University’ and Randy Reid in the same sentence, I assure you that although I can’t spell CAT if you spot me the C and the A, I do know a little about the martial arts business, and my friends know even more.


And those friends have agreed to help. And those friends are absolute best this profession has to offer.

So I put together a little package that I think will help the Dojo Nation community, there’s 5 parts, I think you folks are going to like it.

It’s got marketing, courses, education, group coaching and a powerful community.

Take a look, jump in for a free test drive, gimme some feedback, and let’s build something we can all use and be proud of.


Here’s the link:

Ya in?

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