How important is the name of your school?


How important is the name of your school?

I see all kinds of names for MA schools, some good, some really bad.

Some try to convey their perceived position in the business:
Champion, The Best, World, USA and of course the name I used to use: Karate America.

Others use the name of the city they are located in.

And others use the name of the owner of the school as the title for the school.

There are successful schools in every category listed above.

So does the name matter?

Let me ask you this, if you were going to start a rock and roll band would you name it after a bunch of slimy little bugs that live under rocks?


The Beatles did…

It not the name, it what you make that name mean in your community that counts.

In my city the best hamburger place is Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry.

The steak house is called Smokey’s.

Neither name is particularly good for explaining their service, but their service and product makes their names the good-to places for steaks or hamburgers.

So…what does your name stand for in your community?

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