How to get more done in a week then most people get done in a day!


DuaneBefore we go into action secret #1 that I want to share with you allow me to give you some insight into me. My name is Duane Brumitt. I own a modest school about sixty miles south of Chicago, IL. I would have just said Bradley, IL but you would probably have no idea on earth where that was.

I was not always as productive as I am today. Now I have always been a determined worker… not necessarily a “Hard Worker” but a determined one. Truth be told. I consider myself lazy.

To my benefit I am the type of persons that would look a situation over first to see if there was a better way of doing it before I stuck with the system at hand. And if there was no system or “way of doing it” to begin with well let’s just I would have no problem making one up.

But just like the majority of us in the martial arts industry (maybe you too) I started a business from a, “hobby” / “way of life”, I loved. In the beginning I just taught classes and loved people. I never knew that I needed to run this like a business if I wanted to make a good living at it.

#1 is coming but first…Time Management is a LIE!

Yep you heard it. I said that time management is a lie. I have bought the books and listened to the audio courses out there saying that you have to manage time. If you really think about it for a second. how can you manage something that was before you, is currently here with you, and will still be around when you are LONG gone?

How can you manage time? You can’t! Time cannot be managed no matter how much money you have, how strong you are, or how good looking you think you are.

Ok, that’s not is what’s meant as the definition of time management is it? Wikapedia gives this definition: “Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.”

I have no real problem with that definition but I do think it needs more clarification. more focus and some accountability. You see you can carve out all the time you want to get something done but if you don’t manage your actions during that time. it does you no good.

Action Management is the key. What is action management? Simply stated, It’s making yourself accountable for the actions you are intending to take within a specific time frame. What I like about action management is it makes you more accountable for getting things done. Time management does not. It puts the accountability on time not action.

Hopefully you buy into this idea. When I did it shifted my paradigm about my productivity and my responsibility. I became a lot more productive and more accountable for my actions. Now.

#1: Create Your To-Do List!

As techy as I am I do start out old school first. I take out the old yellow legal pad of paper. You know the one that has about 50 sheets to it. I use this pad to write down all the projects that I would like to accomplish.

Especially the ones that I know will take my business to the next level. Not only the next level in income, but also time off and professionalism too.

Now don’t do this the day of but do this the night before or a few days before. maybe even weeks before you are going get something done. Never the day of! You want to write your to-do list for the future.

Think about it. when you set your alarm the night before to wake up at 6:00am, you are deciding the night before that you are going to wake up at that time. You don’t wake up at 6:00am because you decided to at that point. You planned for it.

That’s what I am asking you to do with your to-do list. That way you can come to your desk with a plan. Getting your things done in your “prime-time” hours.

What are your “Prime-Time” hours? “Prime- Time” are the hours you set aside during the week to get things done. It’s the time when you are only working on the things that will bring you closer to getting to “The Next Level”.

My “Prime-Time” is always in the morning. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I really only have about an hour of “Prime-Time”. 7:30am- 8:30am. Now Tuesday and Thursday on the other hand my “Prime-Time” is from 9am- 12:30pm.

These are the times in the week that almost no one can get a hold of me. I don’t take phone calls, FB messages, text messages, skype messages, read emails, or any of the sorts. My wife, kids and staff know that I am not available during those times.

Below are just a few things on my list for this week:

Write article for Dojo Nation, design new birthday postcard, print last chance summer camp flyers, call coaching clients, and email last chance summer camp info.

One the reason why I am able to get more stuff done in a day than most people get done in a week is because I have created “Prime- Times” and guard them like a hawk! TURN OFF the distractions; create prime-time for yourself to get your to-do list done.

Hey when you complete your list start again. As time goes on your lists should get more focused on the things that matter most to help take you to “The Next Level”.

Duane Brumitt, is the co-founder and owner the county’s largest Martial Art school, “Duane Brumitt’s Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy,” in Bradley, Illinois. He can be reached at;