I would never do this to my dog…or my staff


I would never enter my dog, Baxter the Wonder Dog, in a race at the greyhound track.

Baxter’s job is to lay around the house, chase a ball once in a while and mostly to keep me laughing, relaxed and happy, which he does exceptionally well. For that, he surely has earned the title “the Wonder Dog.”

But I would never let him attempt to race against race dogs at the local track, and here’s why.

No matter how hard he tried, or how focused and determined he his is, he would fail every time. I’m sure it would ruin his self confidence.

But I have put my staff in the wrong “race” before. I’ve encouraged them to “run” races they had no business being in.

As business owners, it’s our job to get the “right dog running in the right race.”

The instructor that just wants to teach a couple nights a week shouldn’t open a second location for you.

The happy-go-lucky instructor that rocks the kids program is probably not the guy or gal to start a Krav program down by the local army base.

And if you don’t want the responsibly of other people’s lives, or leading a large organization and having their families depend on you, you probably shouldn’t set a goal to be a multi-school owner.

The trick in business and life? To figure out which race you should be running in, not the one you think you should be running in.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Baxter has a ball to chase…