Internet Marketing Strategies for Martial Schools in 2016


Daniel Morel 250 x 310Although you should have been running these strategies this year, and might have, they are still very much critical to growth and success in your market.

5 Internet Marketing Strategies you want to implement now or Improve next year

Content Marketing

Content marketing allows you to engage, inform and educate your market to what Martial Arts has to offer parents and children.  Quality content that is read, consumed and shared will attract new leads, qualify buyers and help people make the important buying decision.

Here’s what’s so great about content marketing:

You can become the authority in your market without sounding like you need to sell your services.

Content creates backlinks to your sites, social signals when people comment and share and builds your authority.

Sharing educational content, testimonials, success stories, special events and community engagement pieces will keep your audience engaged and wanting to support you.

Focus on creating engaging content and drive people to the website(s) and from there people will become aware of your offers.  

Reputation Marketing

Many researches confirm that looking for online reviews is increasing in trend and habit. What parents find about your school online makes up your online reputation.  You must take control of what is being said about your organization and not let it happen by chance.

The easiest way to increase the number of positive reviews online is to ask. It’s that simple.  Having systems in place to ask more often and regularly makes is easy to have your members provide feedback and reviews.

As a business owner it is imperative that you monitor how your clients feel about your organization, your venue, your programs and if they would refer others to your school

Local Market Search Engine Marketing

Local Market Search Engine Marketing can be boiled down and called SEO.  For businesses in small markets or with few competitors it’s a matter of showing up.  Some schools do not show up search results simply because the business information or the website mentioned on the Google my Business Page.   

The simplest way to rank high in search engines is to have the exact business information uniform and present on local directories, social media sites and other relevant online properties.

Posting content on a regular basis also helps search engine maintain rankings and authority.

YouTube and Facebook Video Marketing

In an age of instant gratification people tend to gravitate towards video for information, entertainment and distraction.

Videos have shown fantastic results in both increasing engagement and bringing in new fans as well as educating the public on what Martial Arts offers kids and adults.

Video tours of the facility, explaining summer camp and afterschool programs, client testimonials are just the tip of the iceberg of what can be accomplished with videos.

Also, don’t put off creating videos because of a lack of resources. Most mobile phones today can create high quality videos, and sometimes having an amateur video increases the rapport and how viewers feel about the person on-screen.  

Be More Social (Engage, promote the community and educate, do not be “that person”)

By now you’ve probably created some accounts on the major social media accounts. But what is it you’re posting? Is it all about your special offers, discounts and upcoming events?  Or are you connecting with the community and sharing the success of your students?

Engage people, promote and support worthy causes, applaud the success of your clan and your audience will grow naturally.  Ads and promotions can be included in your messaging but you find that the more you connect with your local audience, the less you’ll have to ask for the sale.