It’s A Changing World, Ya Ready?


It’s A Changing World, Ya Ready? …and Floyd Mayweather is going to teach group classes.

About a 100 years ago, some farmer looked up and saw something he just couldn’t believe: There was a wagon goin’ down the road and there was a bunch of noise and smoke and fer cryin’ out loud there were no horses makin’ it travel down that road!

And over the next 20 years cars absolutely took over the friggin’ world.

Jump forward to today. There a couple words you may have heard: A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and V. R. (Virtual Reality).

What if Chuck Norris could lead the warm-ups in your school? And how about Jennifer Lawrence teaching a women’s self-defense this Saturday at your school?

What if you could teach 5,000 kids an anti-bullying seminar in the comfort of their homes and you did it from your living room?

Well, it’s here folks. It’s happening. In-home training is one of the fastest-growing segments of fitness and it’s just a matter of time before it comes to us over here in the martial arts biz.

Check out Peloton. They have the best bike riders in the world leading spinning classes to a few thousand people in their homes from a studio in New York. Hell, they grew to a 100 million dollar company in 18 months!

And now you can go to a health club and slap on a mask and friggin’ Floyd Mayweather himself will lead you through a boxing workout:

So how is this going to affect martial arts biz? I’m not sure, but I promise it is going to affect it somehow.

Keep your eyes open for the next coughin’, smoking, horseless carriage comin’ down the road…it just may be the chance we need to share martial arts with many,many more people…and make some Henry Ford money.

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