My Path to Black Belt – “My First Six Weeks”


chris 250 x 310Christopher Gray is a martial arts school owner from Glastonbury, Connecticut  who had a problem. “I wanted a way to increase the retention in my school, and I felt there had to be a better way” said the school owner. So after some thought, Mr. Gray came to the conclusion that students would stay longer if they just became move involved with their training and better understood the journey they were on. And that was the inspiration for his retention products under the label “My Path to Black Belt”. For this issue, I looked at the product: “My First Six Weeks,” which is designed for supporting the new trial and enrollment process.

Product: My Path to Black Belt, My First Six Weeks

I really like this idea and I really like this product. I like the idea because I’m all for anything that helps enroll students. The product is a custom book that each student student receives upon a trial or new enrollment.  The students and their parents follow and perform the tasks in the book during their first six weeks of classes. The books could be used during a trial period or as an anchoring program when the student is enrolled. I like the interaction between student and parent and I particularly like the page where the student places “Before and After” pictures of the student cleaning their room. The site itself is pretty easy to navigate. You are walked through a process that allows you to customize the books for you and your school. At $9.95 a book, it’s a little pricey, but when you look at the time, effort and financial outlay to make them yourself, then price seems more in line.


Cost:  $9.95 per book

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