Questions to Ask Your Website Provider


TimWE GET IT– Websites & Internet Marketing can be confusing and time consuming. I’ve heard of too many of people who spent incredible amounts of money on their websites & ad campaigns only to wonder if they were actually getting a positive return on investment.

Many businesses hurriedly jump into the Google/Facebook marketing game for the novelty of it- and quickly find they’ve spent their entire marketing budget without a clear understanding of where it went.

Some business owners were able to manage their internet marketing in the past ….back when the Internet wasn’t so complex. But Moore’s Law proved true and they quickly found that if they didn’t spend more time on their Internet Marketing they would quickly be outdated.

All the while keeping up with Internet marketing trends was becoming more and more important as search volume kept increasing…..

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Soon, fitness business owners realized the importance of Outsourcing your Internet Marketing – but with so many options to choose from and so many stories of others getting taken advantage of… many of them were understandably hesitant to make a commitment.

 Do you or your company have any certifications?

Search engines and SEO organizations offer training and certifications. These certifications often come with 3rd party audits of Ad campaigns or websites. This is HUGE for the consumer because it ensures quality and accountability. If you don’t plan double checking everything yourself (which defeats the purpose of outsourcing in the first place) make sure your website developer has credentials before investing in their services.

So, I’ve created this guide to help any fitness business owner guide the murky waters of website & Internet marketing shopping. Ask these questions to anyone before you pay them for their Internet Marketing Services to help qualify them and make sure you receive the best service possible!

Which of Google’s “Best Practices” do you follow?

Google clearly explains to developers what best practices they should adopt. While there’s hundreds of “best practices and not all may apply to you- your web company should be familiar with specific ways their websites comply with Google’s standards. They should also know specific best practices that apply to your business type and demographic.

Can you manage a Facebook or Google ad campaign for my website?

All internet marketing companies should be able to manage an ad campaign for your website if your budget allows. If you employ a company to do this, find out what credentials they have, what their fees will be, and what makes their ads more effective.

You should be comfortable with how often they will send you reports, and how often they are willing to adjust your ads.

Beware of long contracts and large set up fees – and make

How often will my site be updated?

Technology changes fast! Be sure any ongoing subscription service updates your website on a schedule you’re comfortable with. If you’re purchasing a custom website you should have a clear understanding of their ongoing support structure, if any.

With the fast paced nature of technology, beware of any website company that does not offer ongoing support- both for content and technology. If you’re purchasing a custom website with no support you will need to set aside budget to update your site on a set schedule if you plan on staying relevant.

Do you offer any additional software integrations?

Be sure your website can work with the other software solutions you have in place. From e-mail software like Mailchimp to lead management software like Infusionsoft, your website should work seamlessly through integration. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck manually inserting data… which is no fun.

How much of my site can I edit?

The ability to update your information such as schedule, text, social media & images on your website should be standard.

Make sure that you’re able to access, edit and adjust the information that is important to you.

Which analytics will I be able to access?

While not all analytics will be particularly useful, it’s important that you’re comfortable with how much information your website company is willing to share. Get a clear understanding if you will be able to see stats in real time or be limited to a monthly report.

You should aim to link your Analytics account (like google analytics) to your website even if it’s being run by a 3rd party.

Can I accept payments on my website? If so, how is the payment processed?

If visitors can make purchases on your website, you’ll want to make sure that the money is processed in a fair and timely manner with all fees and fine print disclosed. Be sure you understand how you will receive the funds, and how you can issue refunds if needed.

How much of the website lead’s information will I receive?

Different websites contain different calls to action and require various amounts of information. You’ll want to make sure that any lead box captures (at the minimum) the lead’s full name, phone and e-mail and that you’ll receive all the information.

Which Code Language will my website be built with?

There are different versions of code, some better than others. It’s your right as the consumer to know what kind of code will be used to create your website.

Use this guide to help educate yourself in the Internet

Marketing marketplace. And, while you’re there, go ahead and ask us these same questions at