Reputation Marketing for Martial Arts Schools in 5 Steps


Daniel MorelMaintaining and growing a positive reputation is vital to the success of any organization.  You want people to talk about your school and you want them to share the positive experience they have when they deal with you.  In a perfect world happy clients write positive reviews, share you’re your content and refer your school to other parents. But the world is not perfect and if you want these things to happen you need to ask and encourage happy clients to act.

What is Reputation Marketing?

Marketing can be summed up to promoting. Reputation marketing is promoting your 5 Star reputation so that everyone who becomes aware of your brand will instantly recognize your organization as a Top Rated company.

It all starts with excellence within your organization.  If you are not worthy of high praises you will find it difficult to generate 5 Star reviews that are genuine and sincere. Some people might help but you’ll find the feedback to be short and without passion.

Step 1. Create a System for Gathering Feedback

Asking for feedback is good business, period. Knowing how your parents and their kids feel about the venue, the programs, the staff or the culture helps you improve while making sure nothing falls through the cracks and becomes a problem.

Also, asking for feedback once a year does not reflect the true picture of what’s happening year-round. People might forget to mention something important that happened a few months back.  Make it a habit to ask for feedback at regular intervals.

You can use comment cards, online surveys or automated feedback systems. Just Do It!

Step 2.  Build a 5 Star Organization

Asking for feedback on a 5 Star scale might open your eyes to how everyone truly feels about your organization.  If at any point you receive a feedback survey that is less than 5 Stars, you must be ready to address the concerns and remove any obstacles to your 5 Star Reputation.

Feedback surveys might reveal small problems that might not necessarily ruin your business, but might be big enough to discourage people from referring you or seek another option for their kids.

With the feedback you receive you can create a company culture that strives for five-star service and make a true commitment to always improving the client experience.

Step 3.  Manage Your Five-Star Reputation

How you handle negative surveys and reviews will reflect on your business more that how to handle positive reviews.   Responding to negative reviews in a way that shows everyone that you respect other’s opinions and that if there is a problem you are glad that someone brought it up so it can be addressed.

Taking the time to thank and respond to each review reinforces the culture of positivity and demonstrates to potential reviewers that their effort will be acknowledged and appreciated.

Step 4.  Market Your Five-Star Reputation

Each 5 Star survey that you receive is a declaration that you are delivering on your promise. The goal of a Reputation Marketing Campaign is to make sure that your reviews are everywhere in your local market.

People trust reviews almost as much as they trust personal referrals.  Here’s a short list of where you can display your 5 Star reviews for clients and prospects to see:

  • In emails
  • On your websites
  • On your Facebook page
  • On your Google+ page
  • On your Twitter feed
  • In your school, on the walls, on the counter, on your windows
  • In your newsletter
  • In videos
  • On postcards and flyers
  • The back of a business card
  • Anywhere you’d have your business information

Schools that have adopted a marketing system have seen more signups and less objections and questions about pricing.

Step 5.  Monitor Your Online Reputation

Keeping an eye on your reputation and what is said about your organization on the Internet allows you feed the flames and make 5 Star Reviews become more frequent and reach more people while at the same time allowing you to address issues that need your attention.

The major sources for reviews in the industry so far are, Facebook and Google+.

Also to help you monitor your reputation you can create a Google alert that will notify you whenever your school’s name is mentioned online.

Reputation management services like Dojo Rep allow you to save precious time, gather more five-star reviews, and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your reputation marketing is being handled at every level of your 5-Step Reputation Marketing Plan automatically with near to zero effort on your end. Your clients are being asked for their feedback, you are notified of dissatisfied customers before they get to review sites, and the best reviews are being promoted on the review sites and social networks that matter most to your organization in an almost hands-free automated process.

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Daniel Morel is an online marketing expert focused on helping martial arts business owners grow their businesses by leveraging local Internet traffic and 5-star reputation marketing. Daniel can be reached directly at