This Guy Lost $250,000

Money to burn

I have a friend whose consulting program was making him a quarter million dollars a year and he quit it.

Why would a guy give up $250 grand a year? That’s easy. It’s because his schools are making millions and he couldn’t AFFORD to take time away from his schools to consult.

Think about that for a minute. He couldn’t afford to make ONLY an extra $250k a year.

The bad news? He’s not teaching people how he makes millions anymore.

The good news? There’s still some very, very successful owners that are still offering to teach people the systems that are making them rich.

These owners are not “consultants” by trade, they’re school owners…and they can really help shorten the learning curve to success.

Who are these people? There’s Melody Shuman, Brannon Beliso, Greg Horton and Melodee Meyer for example.

They all run hugely successful schools and can help others. Erica Martin and Duane Spires are doing great things in after-school and summer camp programs. Plus there’s Roland Osborne, who’s not running a school these days because he spends 24/7 in other schools helping them be great.

What do they charge to teach? I don’t know, but I do know if you bought all their programs (and you should) the total cost would be less than a year in college.

So here’s my point: get your education while it’s available. You never know when one of this uber-successful school owners will decide they don’t want consult anymore, and then we’ll be stuck with other “consultants” whose only success is getting in your pocketbook.