What I learned at CozTalks 2018


What I learned at CozTalks this year:

I learned we have some amazing, compassionate  givers in this profession.

I learned that Rudy Miick, who’s paid $10,000 a day to sit with major corporation executives , will sit and share for hours at a beach bar.  His only compensation: a couple blue margaritas. ( we need Rudy’s program in martial arts)

I learned Brannon Beliso has no end to his willingness to give.

I learned that other speakers shared  not only with the martial arts group, but several shared business knowledge with many of the local business owners  on the island, free of charge.

I learned that some of the most successful school owners and  best minds in our profession will sit with new school owners and freely give of their time to steer these new owners in the right direction.

I learned Duane Spires knows more about Summer Camp and After School programs than everyone on the planet.

I learned that Melody Shuman is as smart as they make’em! Can’t wait to see where her journey leads us.

I learned that Frank Silverman is a very, very knowledgeable man.

I learned I’m too old to play the “Slapping Game” with Roland Osborne and Tu Le….

I  learned that Scott Dolloff is possibly the biggest Giver in the martial arts industry and deserves our thanks.

But most importantly, I learned I’m a very lucky man to call these people my friends.

See ya on the island folks. Feb. 21 & 22 2019

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