What’s The Most Important Part of a Race Car?


What’s the most important part of a race car? The engine, the tires? the transmission? Let’s keep going; the gas, the windshield, the brakes? Or is it the driver…?

If you had to take one piece away and still race in the Indy 500, which piece would you leave out?

You couldn’t do it, You need them all right? You absolutely couldn’t compete without any of the stuff listed above.

Guess what? It’s the same way with your martial arts school.

Strong marketing, strong floor, strong customer service programs, strong customer experience, check and balance systems. You need it all.

You can’t do it with only a few of the pieces.

It would be pretty hard to win Indy without everything you need, it’s just as hard to build a successful program without all the parts.

And to make things worse, there’s people in our profession telling you “you only need my product (part)” or “my program (gas) will fix everything” if we’ll just shell xxx amount of dollars each month.

Here’s the deal; Just like a race car you need “all the stuff” and it needs to be the “right stuff”.

Then you need to drive (work)  your ass off. That’s how you win

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